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When Has My Business Competitor Gone Too Far?

In certain industries, it is not unheard of for business competitors to play a little cloak and dagger. Businesses may slander each other just like people. Sometimes competitors steal each other's customer lists or other confidential trade secrets. A competitor may try to take these secrets from another company's employee even when the competitor is [...]

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What Can I Do If My Insurance Company Unfairly Denies My Claim?

Your insurance companies have a duty to not unreasonably deny your claims. However, your insurance company may not satisfy that duty. In Ohio, an insured party can take an insurance company to task for unreasonably denying his or her claim. This claim is referred to as a "bad faith" claim against your insurance company. In [...]

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Why Should You Seek Legal Advice When Creating A Business Partnership?

Whether you are the proprietor of a small business or CEO to a gigantic conglomerate, there are certain business activities that definitely call for the use of an attorney. One such activity is the formation of a business partnership. Creating a partnership can serve several advantages, such as allowing the business to take on larger [...]

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Pros And Cons Of Various Business Ownership Strategies

To maximize your business benefits and tax advantages, it is important to choose the right method to use in forming your business. Two of the more popular ways to organize your business are as an S Corporation or as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This article will provide you with a brief overview of both, [...]

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