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Jail Calls

BEWARE! All jail calls are recorded! If you are in jail making a collect call or on the outside making a call to someone in jail, remember that you calls are being recorded. Even though the computerized system informs the inmate that their call is being recorded, many people forget and make a big mistake [...]

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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, it is critical to recognize the potential impact on you now and in the future. Crimes can lead to jail time, fines, driver's license suspension, home incarceration, and can even influence your job search in the future. Hiring the right criminal defense attorney to represent you can [...]

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Change in Ohio Expungement Law – Senate Bill 337

Ohio Senate Bill 337 was enacted on September 28, 2012. The new law will broaden the pool of those eligible to have their criminal records expunged, i.e. sealed. Under the old law, only first offenders were eligible to have a conviction sealed. A first offender was anyone who had been convicted of only one offense. [...]

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Police Warn “Lock it or lose it”

From That is Cincinnati Police Department's new slogan for March, which is Theft From Auto Awareness Month. The slogan is simple, quick and efficient, much like when a thief smashes a window and breaks into a car. Everywhere you park a car and leave it unattended, you could be in danger, said Dave Bailey, [...]

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Death Penalty for White-collar Criminals?

This post's title is also the title of this newspaper commentary, which is--not surprising--a response to the Madoff mess. Here are snippets: We rationalize capital punishment by claiming that the fear of death is an excellent deterrent and a fitting punishment for cases of extreme harm to an individual (murder) or a community (sex offenders). [...]

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