Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Financial struggles can leave you on the verge of losing your home, your car and your wages to creditors. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy puts a stop to all creditor actions and helps you take back control of your finances.

Godbey Law is an Ohio bankruptcy law firm. Our experienced attorneys have helped many clients overcome extreme debt and get a fresh start on life. If you are struggling financially and think filing bankruptcy may be the right option for you, we will help you take action.

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Is Chapter 13 Right For You?

We will administer the bankruptcy means test to help decide which bankruptcy option is best for you.

For those who have a steady income and do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the better option. Under this option, you will restructure your unsecured debt and propose a debt repayment plan of three to five years to the creditors. After the payment plan has expired, any remaining debt is dismissed. Typically, debtors pay back only a percentage of their original debt under this plan.

The Benefits Of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are many benefits to filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, including:

  • Stop home foreclosure
  • Stop repossession of your car
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Reorganize your unsecured debts, making payments more affordable
  • Keep your home and car

Our attorneys will explain all the benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as the negatives, so you can make an informed decision about whether to file. Let us help guide you along the path towards financial freedom.

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