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10 Ways to Maximize Your End-of-Year Giving

Before you click that link or mail that check this season, consider these 10 ways to potentially maximize your charitable giving. Discuss your philanthropic values and goals with your family (or even friends) as a way to build a legacy. 50/30/20 Rule: 50% to support causes you're most passionate about, 30% to support causes you [...]

New Tax Bill Creates Opportunities for Business Owners: Succession Plans

Protecting value for future generations or philanthropy The 2017 nearly doubled the federal estate and gift tax exclusion amounts. $11.18 million per person; $22.36 million per married couple. The purpose of the exclusion is to allow wealth transfer to heirs without taxation. These new amounts along with significant valuation discounts on shares of privately held [...]

What Is Debt Management?

Debt management is very similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In a debt management program, you are paying the company a monthly debt management payment for a period of usually 3 to 6 years that they will apply to a monthly payment to each credit card in the program until the debt has been paid. [...]

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What Is Debt Settlement?

Generally, debt settlement is a process in which a company, individual attorney or law firm negotiates settlements of your debts after you pay a fee and pay into an escrow account for many months or years. It is very important to understand that debt settlement does not stop the ability of your creditors to collect against [...]

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