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Illegal Immigrants: The Backbone of Our Nation’s Economy

A recently published article in MSN Money reviewed “illegal” labor in the United States and its effect on our nations economy. The article found that nearly 8 million workers are employed illegally in the United States. This makes up nearly 5% of our nations entire workforce. The article further reported that most of these workers [...]

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Uned Immigrants – Illegal Aliens in Cincinnati

In the past decade, a large influx of immigrants — many Hispanic and many illegal — has expanded from traditional polyglot cities into the suburbs, exurbs and even rural areas of America. This has produced a backlash, especially since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, made immigration a national security issue. There are now [...]

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Butler County Immigrants Beware!

Butler County Sheriff, Rick Jones, has again grabbed front-page attention in the local media for his latest attack on the immigrant population of Butler County. No longer content to simply enforce Ohio law, Mr. Jones now wants to be in charge of deporting people as well. As reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Sheriff Jones recently [...]

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