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Stuff you Never Ordered Showing Up from Amazon

Excerpt from Local12 Some Amazon customers are reportedly getting too much of something for nothing. It’s a scam being dubbed “brushing” as customers are receiving items they never ordered or paid for. Bradley Pohl is one the latest to receive packages he never ordered. He's received four in the last 10 days. Read full article: https://local12.com/news/local/brushing-unordered-items-being-delivered-to-amazon-users [...]

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Can I Terminate My Probation Early?

Being on probation can make your life very difficult. Often, you must stay in the house except for going to work or school, report to your probation officer frequently, perform community service, attend programs, etc. In Kentucky or Ohio, you can ask to have your probation terminated early. In order to qualify for early termination, [...]

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What If A Police Officer Asks Me To Take A Lie Detector Test?

A lie detector, also known as a polygraph, is a machine that measures a person's physiological responses when asked a question. The machine can measure your breathing, blood pressure, and perspiration. The accuracy of lie detector tests is highly debated. What if you are giving a truthful answer, but you are simply very nervous about [...]

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General Practice Law Firms Can Still Specialize in Multiple Areas

There are a vast number of areas of law in which an attorney can focus his or her practice. From the divorce attorney to the less-recognized encryption lawyer, law professionals may tailor their careers toward specific fields of interest or develop expertise in a wider spectrum of practice areas. Attorneys who are proficient in a [...]

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