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Winter Driving Safety Checklist from Godbey Law

We have fairly mild winters in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, but driving on snow and ice or in extremely cold conditions can present both challenges and hazards. Godbey Law has developed a simple safety checklist to remind you and loved ones about important things to be aware of this winter on the road. These [...]

Do You Have to Take Field Sobriety Tests in Kentucky?

Absolutely not. You are never obligated to prove to an officer or deputy that you ARE NOT committing a crime. It is not illegal to drink and drive, and if you don't feel comfortable taking the tests, you cannot be forced to. The law presumes you are innocent until the police can develop probable cause [...]

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Penalties Increase for Drunk Driving Offenses in Ohio

In September of 2008, new changes went into effect for Ohio laws governing allegations of Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (OMVI). Formally nown as DUIs, Ohio's OMVI statute was recently overhauled by the Ohio legislature. Among other changes, the new provisions increase penalties for particular offenses, increase mandatory minimums [...]

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Do You Have the Right Auto Insurance?

Many of us do not completely understand the type or amount of auto insurance which we carry. “Liability” insurance coverage is what protects us in case we are at fault for causing an accident. If you do not have enough insurance to cover someone’s damages, they could sue and o after your personal assets. Every [...]

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