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10 Ways to Maximize Your End-of-Year Giving

Before you click that link or mail that check this season, consider these 10 ways to potentially maximize your charitable giving. Discuss your philanthropic values and goals with your family (or even friends) as a way to build a legacy. 50/30/20 Rule: 50% to support causes you're most passionate about, 30% to support causes you [...]

Wills are important for all people, especially unmarried couples

Wills are important for all people in Ohio, especially unmarried couples Fewer couples are getting married according to U.S. Census data and this fact is no different in Ohio from anywhere else in the nation. With all the media coverage of same-sex marriage rights, many people know that married couples often enjoy privileges that unmarried [...]

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What Is A Living Will?

In the course of estate planning, the term living will might pop up in a search or a conversation with your attorney. A living will is a critical component of your overall estate plan, allowing you to articulate your wishes about life-prolonging medical care. A living will also goes by several other names, including advanced [...]

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Why You Need a Will: The Cornerstone of Estate Planning

You might be under the impression that a Last Will & Testament is not necessary unless you have a fairly sizeable estate. However, regardless of your assets and circumstances, a Will is the critical foundation for ensuring that your wishes are carried out after you pass away. A Will articulates guidelines for what will happen [...]

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New Year New Will – Protect Your Family and add this to your New Year’s Resolutions

Now that holiday festivities have died down, but your resolve to meet your New Year's resolutions is still high, why not take out your Last Will & Testament and review it? Or, if you don't have a Will, make a belated resolution to make one. A Will sets forth how you want your property distributed [...]

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Is a Lawyer Necessary When Creating a Will?

With all the information available these days via self-help reference material, computer software programs and the Internet, is it necessary to find a lawyer before making out a will? However, it is always wise to seek the advice of an expert. Just having a fill-in-the-blank is not enough. You need the advice of an estate [...]

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Whether Married or Single, It’s Important to Have a Will

People generally do not spend much time thinking about their own mortality. However, most people would like to have control over how their property and assets are distributed upon their death. Unfortunately without a will, the intentions of the deceased will not be taken into account when it comes to decisions involving the distribution of [...]

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Why is it Important to Have a Basic Estate Plan in Place?

Basic estate planning is extremely important for several reasons.  First, a basic estate plan gives you the power to make decisions you believe are in the best interest of your family, instead of someone else making those decisions when you have passed away.  It also allows your property to be managed in a way that [...]

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Do I Need A Living Trust, Or Is A Simple Will Enough?

Deciding whether you require a "living trust" or just a "simple will" depends on your individual needs. A living trust can give you more flexibility, control and the ability to continually manage your estate and affairs, but will cost more money upfront. A simple will does not cost as much, but also doesn’t offer as [...]

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