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Cincinnati Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

Drug crime penalties are notoriously harsh, especially for nonviolent offenders who have substance abuse problems. If you have been charged for possessing drugs that were only for your personal use, it is important that you have a lawyer argue for your rights. Otherwise, you could be overcharged for a more serious offense such as drug trafficking.

The attorneys at Godbey Law understand that first-time offenders and people struggling with drug addiction will not be helped by prison sentences. We strive to get these offenders into treatment and diversionary programs to address the underlying problem. However, we also have experience representing people charged with trafficking and people who have prior drug convictions. You can rely on our knowledge of Ohio drug laws. We represent people throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.

Minimizing The Consequences Of Drug Charges

Our drug crimes defense practice includes cases involving marijuana, meth, cocaine, MDMA, synthetic drugs, heroin and prescription drugs. We can defend you against charges such as:

  • Possession
  • Distribution
  • Trafficking

A critical part of drug crimes defense is analyzing the police procedure to determine whether officers had probable cause to search you. If illegal search and seizure occurred, we can argue that your constitutional rights were violated. In these circumstances, we may be able to get evidence gathered in the search suppressed.

Because charges largely depend on the amount and type of drug in your possession, it is quite common to be charged with a crime you did not commit. For example, simply possessing certain amounts of a controlled substance can result in distribution or trafficking charges. We will protect your rights and ensure that you are not overcharged or overpenalized.

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