Lawyers, Libations, and Law Podcast

Finally, there is a podcast where lawyers sit around and talk about the United States Constitution. Godbey Law, LLC, in Cincinnati, Ohio presents a podcast that offers education regarding constitutional law without partisan opinions. The Podcast is hosted by Godbey Law’s constitution and government transparency advocate, Matt Miller-Novak, and it features two constitutional law professors from Salmon P. Chase School of Law at Northern Kentucky University, Johnathan Bickers and Jennifer Kinsley.

The Team has weekly guests to ask questions about how the constitution applies to current events, their careers, or their interests. This Podcast seeks to make constitutional law approachable and even occasionally entertaining. The Team also enjoys judging libations as a regular frolic on the program.

Episode 1 – “Fake News or Fake Threats?”
John Bickers, Jennifer Kinsley, and Matt Miller-Novak talk about the 1st Amendment, potential consequences of inaccurate reporting, and defamation law after holding the first annual “Battle of the Breakfast Beers” with Cincinnati’s own Paula Christian from Channel 9 News. After asking a few questions about Open Records law, Paula challenges Matt to a dual.