Adoption proceedings are handled through Probate Court. There are three types of adoptions: agency, independent, and stepparent.

What is an agency adoption?

This type of adoption involves an adoption agency that provides trained legal staff to assist you in the process of meeting adoption criteria, selecting and adopting a child.

What is an independent adoption?

Both independent and stepparent adoptions require a private attorney. Independent adoptions can involve a child being adopted by a grandparent, aunt or another family member, or the child may not be related to the person adopting at all.

What is stepparent adoption?

Like independent adoptions, stepparent adoptions require an experienced attorney. In step-parent adoptions, a stepmother or stepfather seeks to adopt a stepchild. Depending on the situation, the court may require consent from the biological parent whose right is being terminated.

What if I want to adopt a child born in another state?

If parents residing in one state want to adopt a child born in another state, both states’ Department of Human Services become involved in the Probate court proceedings. Although such a process may sound complicated, a knowledgeable attorney can help explain each step.

How do I adopt a child born in another country?

Adopting a child from a foreign country is considered a Foreign Adoption and involves a few steps in addition to the typical adoption process. The adoption court proceedings can happen in either Ohio or the child’s birth country. Additionally, all foreign adoptions have to go through the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization. An attorney who is familiar with adoptions and immigration can provide all the necessary information to facilitate this process.

Can I adopt an adult?

While many think adoption only applies to minors, a person may adopt an adult if that adult has been determined to be mentally or permanently disabled, or if the adult being adopted had a child-parent relationship as a child with the adult seeking to adopt.

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