Understanding Child Support Orders

Courts use a formula to determine guidelines for child support. However, the court determines the amount of support one pays to the other and whether it is in line with those guidelines on a case-by-case basis. Child support is designed to provide basic support for the children of the marriage such as food, clothing and care.

What Factors Determine Child Support?

When determining child support, a court will look at such factors as:

  • Income of each spouse
  • Amount of time spent with the children
  • Spousal support paid to one party by the other
  • Payment for health insurance
  • Other payments made on behalf of the minor children

How Long Does Child Support Need To Be Paid?

The Court retains jurisdiction over child support until the child is 18 and is no longer in high school, is 18 and has graduated from high school, or is 19 and still in high school, whichever comes first. Support may continue beyond either of these events under special circumstances such as disability or agreement.

Can Child Support Be Modified?

Depending upon the age of the child when the order is set, there may be a change in circumstances throughout the years the support is to be paid. The parties may request a modification of the order of this occurs. If a modification is requested, the parties will have to appear in court and present testimony and evidence as to why the order needs to be revisited.

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