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Unfortunately for many couples, divorce is a battle ground, and the only way to reach a resolution is to fight for their interests in court. Your divorce doesn’t have to be that way.

Godbey Law is a family law firm comprised of experienced attorneys. We represent clients through the dissolution of their marriage, helping them resolve issues related to their divorce such as child custody, property division and spousal support (alimony).

Our firm encourages clients to resolve their divorce amicably through collaborative law methods. We believe that discussing issues openly during the marriage separation serves as the groundwork for collaboration in the future – which benefits everyone involved. Of course, our trial lawyers are deeply experienced, and we are always prepared to litigate if necessary.

We are committed to making your divorce a positive step toward reconciliation and a happier life.

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The Many Aspects Of Divorce

When people think of dissolution of marriage, they may think of dividing property and establishing visitation. However, a divorce is much more than that. Divorcing couples need to consider their finances, possible changes to their will, whether or not they can afford to keep the house among other things.

Our lawyers understand the legal issues, and we will help you make decisions regarding all aspects of divorce, from child support to complex business valuation. You can be sure we will leave nothing behind when arranging your post-marital affairs.

We work with you to identify your needs and goals and serve as strong advocates towards achieving a successful outcome.

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