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As time passes and situations change, family law orders often need to be modified. Fortunately, the court allows modifications when there is a substantial change in the circumstances of one or more parties.

If you are seeking or challenging a modification, the attorneys at Godbey Law can help. We have considerable family law experience in Ohio and Kentucky. You can rely on our knowledge of divorce, custody and support modifications. Speak with one of our lawyers to learn about your rights before you take action.

Reasons You May Request Modifications

We can represent you in post-decree modifications involving:

  • Custody and visitation agreements
  • Parental relocation
  • Child support orders
  • Spousal support orders

You can resolve modifications through negotiation, mediation or a trial. We can represent you in any of these settings. In most family law cases, coming to an agreement without going to trial is better for all parties, especially when children are involved. We will strive for a resolution without a trial when possible.

To request a modification, there must be a material change in circumstances. Some of the most common reasons people request family law modifications include:

  • A significant financial loss
  • A parent needs to move out of the custody order’s geographical restrictions
  • A change in the health of a parent, child or former spouse
  • A growing child’s changing needs
  • Absent or unfit parents

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