Godbey Law’s Matt Miller-Novak has filed suit against Madison Local School District on behalf of five plaintiffs whose 1st amendment rights were violated. Two years after Madison schools suffered a school shooting, the School Board began discussing and moving to arm teachers in its buildings. When members of the public attended meetings to criticize Madison’s decision to arm its teachers, Madison silenced one citizen while speaking with an armed guard, and Madison began making up fake rules to frustrate the ability for others to criticize its decisions. The lawsuit seeks to hold Madison accountable for its 1st Amendment violations and to obtain a court order to ensure that Madison does not punish and silence political criticism in the future. Regardless of where people stand on arming teachers, all Americans should agree that our right to voice our opinions is vital to our nation and the cornerstone of this democracy.

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Godbey Law’s Matt Miller-Novak has filed suit against Madison Local Schools for violating its citizens’ 1st Amendment rights to question Madison’s decision to arm teachers in its school. Godbey Law and Miller-Novak are dedicated to defending all Ohioan’s rights to petition their governments with grievances. In the Bill of Rights, the right to free speech comes first.

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