Divorce is always a difficult decision, especially when you and your partner have children. Follow these steps to find the best child custody and child support lawyer for you.

Divorce is difficult on every part of a family. While the parents are choosing to end their marriage, children are often confused about the situation and often need extra attention and guidance through this time. There are a number of things to keep in mind.  Divorce and child custody disputes are very emotional. Let your kids know they are not responsible for your decision to split up and that they are still loved by both parents. Never ask children to take sides in custody battles. Divorce means financial pressures will be felt by both sides try to keep children out of bitter disputes or angry feelings toward your former spouse.

For these reasons, you should consider hiring a child custody lawyer.

The child custody lawyer should be a different person than the attorney handling your divorce proceedings. Family law is always changing and differs among states; therefore, hiring a dedicated child custody attorney will benefit your case. Your attorney will not only be your legal representation in court, he or she will explain your situation to the judge, help you understand the process, and walk you through your responsibilities.

Once the divorce and child custody proceedings are complete, consider retaining your attorney for child support needs. If you are the custodial parent, there are a number of steps you need to complete before you will be given child support payments. Parents may need to legally establish paternity, complete mountains of paperwork, obtain a court order, or work with a child support enforcement agency. A child support attorney will be able to walk you through this process much like he or she did when you were trying to gain custody. Attorneys understand how to track down parents who refuse to pay child support, even if that parent moves to another state.

The non-custodial parent should also consider hiring a child support lawyer. The attorney can represent the parent’s interest when establishing paternity, help determine the amount of child support the parent is able to pay, and find the easiest way to make child support payments.

When searching for a child support or child custody attorney, begin by asking family and friends for recommendations. They likely know someone who needed a dedicated child support attorney, or may have used one themselves. After asking a few people, you will probably hear the same name mentioned. Once you are finished asking close family and friends for advice, do your research online.

This person will be your partner in the battle for custody of your child, or will represent you when deciding how much money you can afford to give in child support. You need someone you can trust and whom you know will represent your best interests.

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