The Ohio Supreme Court has again come out against Ohio workers, supporting the rights of corporations instead of the average Ohioan.

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In this 2010 decision of Kaminski v. Metal & Wire Products, the Ohio Supreme Court overturned prior precedent and limited that ability of workers who are injured on the job to seek legal action for their workplace injuries. The Court ruled that unless Ohio workers can prove they were injured DELIBERATELY by the employer, they had no claim. As a result, even injured workers who had been required to work in unsafe conditions now must prove that their employer deliberately intended to harm them, a standard that is a practical impossibility.

The Ohio Association for Justice and the Ohio AFL-CIO have come out against this ruling that is harmful to Ohio workers.

This November, we can make a real change to end the injustice and bring balance representation back to the court by voting for Mary Jane Trapp and Eric Brown. Both Mary Jane Trapp and Eric Brown have been rated higher than their opponents by the Judicial Candidates Rating Coalition composed of the Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the Norman S. Minor Bar Association this week.  Mary Jane Trapp has also been endorsed and rated as the superior choice by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.

Please join our campaign for by going to www.votetoendinjustice to send an email to a friend about the importance of this campaign and signing up for our Facebook page at

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