Pedestrians are everywhere in Ohio. As drivers and pedestrians go about their commutes and day-to-day activities, they may not realize just how many potential risks and hazards they face. Unfortunately, accidents are bound to happen when pedestrians and vehicles share the same routes. It is the responsibility of both drivers and pedestrians to stay alert and be as safe as possible. Since pedestrians are exposed, they are more likely to be seriously hurt or killed if they are hit by a vehicle.

Fatal pedestrian accident

Recently in South Columbus, a woman was struck and killed by a driver who fled the scene. The incident happened during the morning hours on Fairwood Avenue near Smith Road. According to reports, the woman’s body was found by police on the side of the road. Police said the pedestrian was walking alongside the road when she was struck by a car.

Apparently, the driver of the car fled the scene. A resident who lives close by said he is concerned with the number of accidents he has seen here over the years. He said cars travel too fast down the street and hopes the city can make safety improvements on the roadway to help prevent further accidents.

Help for families in the aftermath

Losing a dear loved one at the hands of a negligent driver is one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through. Those in Ohio who suffer the loss of an immediate family member due to the negligence of another party can get help by speaking with an experienced attorney about filing a wrongful death claim. Damages from a successful lawsuit could help struggling families with end-of-life expenses.