It’s a common thought that ending a marriage is an arduous process that is filled with stress and conflict. But divorce can be an amicable process and spouses who divorce do not have to be enemies. Here are a few ways Ohio residents can make the process of divorce more peaceful and less stressful.

Be clear and cordial
In a divorce, emotions will be running high but don’t let them take over. When communicating with a spouse, do so in a cordial but clear manner. It is helpful to think of the other party as a business colleague with the goal being to resolve the divorce as quickly and amicably as possible.

Just like marriages, an efficient and amicable divorce requires compromise. It can be helpful to make a list and prioritize what is open for compromise and what is not. Focus on what matters most, then leave the rest.

Divorce can leave anyone feeling upset, angry and frustrated with their ex. Instead of letting negative emotions rule interactions, try to approach each situation with empathy. If one spouse shows understanding and empathy, the other spouse will be more likely to reciprocate.

Professional help
Divorce can be a lengthy process, so commit to getting through it amicably and things will get easier with time. Ending a marriage can be a much-needed change and a time to regain independence. However, the process of divorce can also be very confusing, especially when it comes to the legalities. Those in Ohio who have questions or may be headed for a divorce can get help by consulting an experienced and trusted attorney.