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10 Ways to Maximize Your End-of-Year Giving

Before you click that link or mail that check this season, consider these 10 ways to potentially maximize your charitable giving. Discuss your philanthropic values and goals with your family (or even friends) as a way to build a legacy. 50/30/20 Rule: 50% to support causes you're most passionate about, 30% to support causes you [...]

Letter to Our Clients – Celebrating 25 Years

To All Clients of Godbey Law, [WATCH VIDEO] Twenty-five years ago today, I came home early to tell my wife (who was pregnant with our first child) that I had quit my job in order to open my own law firm. I have no regrets. Today we celebrate 25 years of legal leadership at Godbey [...]

New Tax Bill Creates Opportunities for Business Owners: Succession Plans

Protecting value for future generations or philanthropy The 2017 nearly doubled the federal estate and gift tax exclusion amounts. $11.18 million per person; $22.36 million per married couple. The purpose of the exclusion is to allow wealth transfer to heirs without taxation. These new amounts along with significant valuation discounts on shares of privately held [...]

A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning

If you are anything like me, spring means tackling chores such as cleaning out my closet and finally getting rid of that bread maker I have NEVER used. During the fall and winter it is easy to let certain things pass by without necessary attention – hello daily trips to the gym – but spring [...]

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Does Your Estate Plan Match Your Social Media Relationship Status?

Most of us are pretty good about changing our relationship status on social media such as Facebook when significant changes take place in the relationships in our lives, but we aren't as good about making sure our estate planning s are updated to match significant changes in our lives. The laws which govern the distribution [...]

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Valuable Digital Assets: Estate Planning’s New Frontier

By Godbey & Associates  August, 2012 A person must make many decisions when creating a will, establishing a trust or implementing other estate planning strategies. Important choices regarding everything from tangible assets to the identity of people chosen to carry out one’s wishes will have long term implications. One area of concern that has [...]

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Estate planning and pregnancy: Having a baby changes everything

When a woman learns that she is pregnant, a million thoughts go through her mind. Picking a name, planning for childcare, decorating the nursery, the list goes on and on. One important issue that may not be at the forefront of either parent's mind is how to prepare for the baby's future if the parents [...]

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Minimizing Federal Estate Taxes

Estate taxes may be one of the most confusing issues known to mankind because the amount of estate taxes you may have to pay can change from year to year. Federal Estate Taxes Currently, Federal estate taxes are applicable only to gross estates above the 5.12 million dollar exclusion, with a top estate tax rate [...]

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Congress Resolves Estate Tax Uncertainty

Now that Congress has brought resolution to the decade-long question of what will happen to the Federal Estate Tax, everyone should make a New Year's Resolution to meet with their advisors and update their estate plan. In the wee hours of the morning, in an effort to avoid going over fiscal cliff, the Senate voted [...]

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What Are The Basic Principles Of Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of both passing on your assets to your loved ones, as well as making sure your wishes are known and carried out during your lifetime as well as after your death. Knowing what is involved when it comes to estate planning is important, especially considering the extent of the process [...]

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